Paul Morgan


Paul Morgan is first and foremost a great HUSBAND and FATHER, Brother, Relative and Friend.  He is AN AVID RESEARCHER, a LEARNER and a HARD WORKER.   

Paul was born, reared and formatively schooled in Peini Punta Gorda.  In 1985 he graduated from MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY with degrees in Agribusiness, Economics, Natural Resources Education and Management.

He has experience working with oil exploration projects in the Sarstoon/Temash area of Toledo, in Shrimp Farming, and in Rice Research.  He has served in upper management positions in the private sector.

Today Paul Morgan is self-employed in Agribusiness and Information Technology.

Paul is a founding member of the VISION INSPIRED BY THE PEOPLE and of the Belize Peace Movement.  He has participated in electoral politics within Belize since 1990. 


2019-Present - Characterizing Redistricting
In this election, true patriots are running with and voting for the Constitution as their Manifesto, the Court as the Arbiter and the People of Belize as the beneficiaries.

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