Frank Edward Paco Smith, Jr.


Mr. Paco Smith is an Independent Development Consultant who specialises in: governance, public policy, strategic analysis, civil society engagement, organisational needs assessment, education, climate change, environmental & sustainable development and communications. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Belize, in its Faculty of Management and Social Sciences’ Public Sector Management Programme.

Engendering the betterment of the Belizean society ranks among Mr. Smith’s passions and given his 20+ years of experience in the aforementioned areas, he concentrates his efforts primarily through advocacy, via civil society. Thus he serves as an Executive Member of the Belize PEACE Movement’s governing body and functions as the organisation’s Good Governance & Anti-Corruption/External Relations Liaison.

Mr. Smith has a keen appreciation for the utility of Open Government, as well as the employ of Open Data in pursuit of bringing about improved governance, across the board, throughout Belize. As such, he holds true the fundamental tenets associated with Good Governance practices and principles involving: Accountability, Transparency, Consultation and Participation that coincide with the established fundamentals of the Open Government Partnership.

Admittedly, he is a stickler for adherence to the rule of law and advocates that once a law is inequitable or unfair, one must take the necessary steps through which to challenge the status quo, so as to bring about substantive change.

Further information concerning Mr. Paco Smith’s academic background and professional experience can be obtained via his Linkedin profile.

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