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Irvin Neal was conceived in November 1986 to parents, Virginia Hill and Alvin Neal in Western Belize. Irvin Neal, the youngest of eight siblings, grew up in Camalote Village enjoying all the wonders of the old fashion village life.  The family later moved to Placencia in the early 90’s when the development boom took off on the Coastal Peninsula. Today, Irvin is involved in the tourism industry while also literally going back to his roots by operating an organic farm on ancestral family land.  Irvin was motivated to become a peace patriot with the Belize Peace Movement after witnessing countless election cycles with no positive substantial changes taking place. Something was not right with the way the country was being governed and it was no longer possible to sit back and continue to wait for positive change to happen.

Irvin realized that only by fighting to ensue good governance and anti-corruption become household terms across the nation, his two children, along with the future generations of the country, will be able to have a taste of the childhood memories he experienced.

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